Holistic Yoga in Manly

At Manly Yoga,we welcome all the members of our local community, offering Holistic Yoga in Manly for all ages and abilities. We are a centre that believes everyone and everybody can find a yoga practice that is right for them.

All our classes are holistic in nature, offering more than just physical postures. Our classes involve a combination of practices including: postures (asana); breathing practices (pranayama); Yoga Nidra relaxation (pratyahara); and mindfulness and meditation. This combination is aimed at bringing physical, mental and emotional balance and stability.

We offer a variety of yoga classes, each aimed at meeting the differing needs of our students, including: Hatha, Yin and Japanese Yoga; and Yoga for Men, Teens, Kids and Seniors. At Manly Yoga, you are sure to find a class that is perfect for you.

The Manly Yoga Approach

We are a community of like-minded people all striving for greater peace and wellbeing. This community is made-up of our dedicated teachers and lovely students.

We support all those looking to deepen their yogic experience and find peace and healing. We do not focus on physical image, competition or perfect postures. We are here to support our students to reconnect and find greater peace and self-acceptance. We are a yoga centre for everyone and everybody, of all ages and levels of experience.


Our Unique Style of Hatha Yoga

At Manly Yoga, we teach a classical, Hatha style of yoga, which originates from Northern India.There are generally two types of yoga: those originating in Southern India and involving a more athletic and physical focus, such as Ashtanga and Iyengar; and those originating in Northern India, which areinfluenced by Tibetan Buddhism and involving a focus on mindfulness and meditation.

Most of our teachers have been trained in an authentic tradition of yoga originating in Northern India, that can be traced back to AdiShankaracharya (788-820 AD), with roots in the ancient spiritual cultures of Vedanta and Tantra. This tradition was modernised by the disciples of Swami Sivananda (1887-1963), specifically Swami SatyanandaSaraswati,creating the holistic system of yoga that is taught at Manly Yoga today.


The Focus of our Classes

We believe yoga is about cultivating awareness of the body, mind and spirit.The main focus, therefore, of our classes is the cultivation of awareness. We will often encourage our students, where possible, to practice with their eyes closed, so that they can really feel into their own body and notice any physical sensations.


Our Class Types

At Manly Yoga, we offer a variety of styles and modalities of yoga, so that every member of our community can find a class that is suitable for them.

We run Gentle, Moderate or Dynamic Hatha Yoga classes aimed at meeting the different physical needs and abilities of our students. These classes are run regularly throughout the week with 60 min, 75 min or 90 minute options.

We also have Hatha yoga for Men, Teens, Kids, Seniors and Pre-and-post-natal classes.

There are a number of other yoga modalities on offer as well, including: Yin, Restorative, Japanese, and Yoga Synergy – a flowing vinyasa practice. As well as a Pilates and Yoga fusion classes.


Our Teachers

Our yoga teachers are incredibly experienced, offering a wide knowledge and understanding of yoga practices and philosophy. Most of our teachers have two years training and continue to expand their knowledge and experience with further yoga tuition and courses.


A Typical Class

Most of our general classes are 90 minutes in length to allow for a full yoga experience. Each class includes 60 minutes of asana (postures), and 30 minutes of combined relaxation, breath-work and meditation.However, we also offer 60 and 75 minute classes for those wanting a slightly shorter practice

Classes at Manly Yoga are taught in a way that is adaptable for all people and their experience; variations are taught for all postures to make them as gentle or intense as needed.

Manly Yoga offers a depth and breadth of yoga classes and practices like no other centre. Come and experience the Manly Yoga difference today and you will feel welcomed, supported and nurtured on your journey towards greater physical, mental and spiritual well being.

For more information about our classes phone us today on 02 9977 4725 or email hello@manlyyoga.com.