Do I need to book into classes or can I just turn up?

To avoid disappointment, it is best to book in. However, if you come 15 minutes before the class you can usually get a spot.


Do I need to bring anything to the class?

We provide everything you need – mats, bolsters, cushions, blocks, blankets, and meditation stools, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer.


If I’m a beginner, should I do the beginners course?

We strongly advise it, but if you are quite fit and body-aware, you will probably cope just fine in our gentle classes to begin.


If I’m returning to yoga after a long absence, which classes should I do?

We recommend starting in our gentle classes and even the Beginner Yoga Level 2 course as a refresher.


I like strong yoga classes, what do you recommend?

Our stronger classes are Synergy, Japanese, Vinyasa Flow and some of the Hatha Yoga Moderate classes.


I want to do mindfulness, meditation and breathwork, what do you recommend?

Nearly all of our 75 and 90 minute classes include at least 15 minutes of relaxation, breathing and / or meditation practices. We offer a Yoga Nidra / meditation class that has no movement at all and we also offer many courses and events that focus on developing these aspects.


What do I do when I arrive?

Check-in with the receptionist who will show you around. Turn off your phone; take off your shoes and leave them in the shoe boxes with your bag; say hi to the teacher and discuss any health issues with them; collect your equipment from the shelves and feel free to take a water bottle into the room!

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