Come to our Yoga Philosophy Group in Manly. We meet each month at Manly Yoga to read and discuss classical yoga texts.

  • Want to deepen your understanding of yoga?
  • Are you already into philosophy and just love discussing it with like-minds?

Yoga has a vast and fascinating philosophy underpinning its practices. Reading and discussing the core yogic texts can deepen your experience of yoga and help you connect with and understand aspects of yourself and the world.

Our philosophy group is a fun, informal opportunity to learn, refine and share philosophical ideas and life experiences. Everybody is welcome from philosophical novices to experts, from atheists to spiritual seekers to devotees.

In true yogic style, we try to leave our egos at the door to openly and deeply listen to others.

August Topic: The Katha Upanishad – the story of Nachiketas

Introduction: Our wonderfully experienced Dharmananda has kindly agreed to introduce the topic with a short meditation and an explanation of the story of Nachiketas and the philosophy behind it.
Group discussion: Dharamananda will pose questions to the group and encourage reflection and discussion of the philosophy behind the story.
To close: Dharmananda will answer any further questions the groups may have and end with a meditation and/or mantra chanting experience.


Reading: Nachiketas story in the Katha Upanishads. You can expect a set reading to be emailed within a week of the event.

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Please bring an open-mind, a mug and any nibbles you’d like to share!