Join us at Manly yoga for this deeply relaxing and nourishing 2-hour Winter Wonderland Yin Yoga workshop with Clare. You will be bathed in candlelight and experience the gentle and calming sounds of the Tibetan bowl and Koshi bells.


The evening will include two meditation practices, that include Trataka Meditation (candle gazing), but the session will start with the participation in the group meditation practice of AUM chanting bringing about a sense of inner peace and stillness.


This will be practiced from an audible to silent AUM, designed to draw the awareness slowly inwards, taking you a place of inner silence. There is the option to participate or sit an observe, feeling the vibrational effects from the mantra. The vibration of AUM (which is the vibration of all things in nature) creates the space of healing and stillness. When AUM is chanted in a group the positive energy purifies and amplifies charging the room.


This inner silence will continue through the Yin practices, with each Yin posture silently demonstrated by Clare, who will use props and visual cues to ensure maximum experiences.


When we practice and hold Yin postures, we create a sense of space to reflect and inwardly listen Allowing ourselves this space helps to reconnect with the truth of who we really are. The noise that is ever present can keep us from truly knowing and feeling compassion for not only ourselves but others.


As we move into the Winter months, each of the Yin postures aim to decongest and target specifically the kidney & urinary meridians thus enhancing vitality and energy in the slower cooler months of the year.


The evening will flowing onto a Trataka (candle gazing) mediation which creates one pointed concentration, soothing and calming the nervous system.


The evening will conclude as we started with silent to audible AUM chanting drawing ourselves back to the room and the night.


Come and join Clare on this journey to create physical and mental space through inwardly listening, feeling and being in this winter wonderland workshop.