Enjoy a meaningful Friday night with our winter women’s circle at Manly Yoga.
Winter can be a time for reflection, inner exploration and journeying to our center and our truth.


We begin with a walking spiral meditation symbolising the journey we walk in life with all its joys and sorrows looking for our centre of truth and wholeness, honouring nature’s call to go inwards and be still.
Martina will lead a lying down shamanic drum journey of discovery, visions and inner wisdom.


To end we sit in a women’s circle of safety and trust to share our experiences of this time so as to hear each others revelation and journey which often relates to our own.


This time together focuses on sound and movement meditations to evoke different internal emotions and visions with a sharing of experiences and feelings that we have as women in an enclosed, safe and authentic space.


This workshop will enhance:


• Conscious and deliberate activation of inner emotions and visions


• The ability to sit with positive and negative feelings


• The ability to access your own inner wisdom and vision to better understand yourself and your life


• The opportunity to allow authenticity and vulnerability in a safe space.


• Connection with like-minded women


• Building community


Please note an assumption of wellness is expected for this workshop. Participants with a history of complex mental illness please reach out and consult Radha before making your booking on radha@shebirths.com.


Seasonal women’s circles are now being celebrated at Manly Yoga. If you are unable to attend this first women’s circle, please consider joining the group on the next one where we will be honouring Spring.