Join us for a reflective and strengthening Winter Solstice Celebration at Manly Yoga with Radha…
Thursday 21 June marks the Winter solstice celebration and the shortest day of the year. Nature recedes and goes quiet and we can respond to her cue by taking time out to internalise, reflect and be still.
Our spiral meditation begins in the darkness, before dawn. Sitting in the dark gives participants space to honour nature’s call to quiet reflection, and to actively ritualise the process of being in darkness with our own uncomfortable feelings or way of being. We then symbolically journey into our centre by walking in a spiral to the central candle to find our strength and inner light, and coming back out renewed and strengthened again.
The yoga class will focus on inner strength and salutes to the sun to awaken the inner fire (agni) that helps us move through the winter cold.
This is an accessible practice for all levels of yoga practitioners.
In this class we will practice:
• A walking meditation
• Candle gazing meditation (trataka)
• Salute to the Sun asana sequence with mantra
• Postures for core strength

• Being able to acknowledge and be with the parts of yourself that feel uncomfortable
• Acknowledgement of our true inner strength and light
• Come into a deeper understanding of whole self
• Learning the value of ritual

You are welcome to join us for a wholesome breakfast at Ruby Lane Cafe afterwards (not included in price).

Date: Thursday 21 June
Time: 5:30am for 5:45am start – finishes at 7:15 am
Cost: $25 or use your class pass