Are you unsure how to pronounce yogic terms and mantras correctly?

Do you want to understand more about the mystical language of Sanskrit?

Do you want to experience to power of chanting mantra correctly?


Then join us for this enjoyable and informative exploration of Sanskrit as it relates to yoga and mantra practice, presented by the incredibly knowledgable Leslie Kingsley, a Sanskrit enthusiast for over 45 years.

Sanskrit is considered the “mother of all languages”. It is one of the oldest, most ancient languages of India and Hinduism dating back as far as the second millennium.

In a yoga class environment, the words that describe an asana posture, breathing practices and chakras are of Sanskrit origin.

In this fascinating course held on Monday evenings over 3 weeks, you will come to understand the origins and importance of Sanskrit to yoga. You will learn and experience the effects of correct pronunciation, in that each ‘sound’ has an energetic or phonetic significance. You will gain practice in writing the language and chanting one of the most important mantras correctly – Gayatri mantra.

This course is suitable for newcomers, yoga teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of Sanskrit, and those who attended our very popular Introductory Sanskrit workshop with Leslie in April.


Learning outcomes for the 3-week course:

  • Learn the origins and importance of Sanskrit
  • Understand the database of sounds that make up Sanskrit; and devanagari & Sanskrit transliteration.
  • Understand the importance of correct pronunciation and gain insight into the creative energies produced by correct pronunciation.
  • Possess the tools to correctly pronounce Sanskrit mantras and yogic terms.
  • Become acquainted with Sanskrit’s phonetic relationship to the vibratory nature of existence, gaining an appreciation of sonic theology (the connection to the “atma”, the true Self, through sound)
  • Understand transliteration, learn basic Devanagari (the written language) and experience writing Devanagari
  • Understand the origins of Gayatri mantra, learn its structure and meaning and experience Gayatri Sadhana


WEEK 1. Sanskrit: The Mother of All Languages
Overview, history and pronunciation practice (refresher for previous attendees)
Reference sheet provided

WEEK 2. Sanskrit in Action – How it’s written and pronounced
Yoga terms, Devanagari, Transliteration, hands-on exploration
Worksheets provided

WEEK 3. Sanskrit Mantra
Mantra, Gayatri History, Gayatri Mantra, Gayatri Sadhana
Mantra sheet provided



“Thank you for a very informative session last week. You teach with clarity, passion and wisdom, and I left wanting to know more.”
– Ginny Clarke

Thank you for sharing your knowledge in your workshop on Sanskrit. I loved how you bring to life the stories of the ancient sages whose exploration and uncovering of divine knowledge that to this day sustains and nourishes the spirit.”
– Karen Rinkel

“Your talk was captivating and provided a great overview with enough details to make us feel like we gained a good insight within this vast topic. It also gave me an idea of what a complex, rich and multifaceted language Sanskrit is, so different from the ones I know.”
– Martina Carosi



Leslie has had a regular Sanskrit mantra practice and passion for Sanskrit for over 45 years. He has taught Sanskrit, Vedic mantra chanting, and introductory classes on the Vedas, Itihasasand Puranas. He was president of a state wide Hindu organisation for 3 years and regularly chanted with swamis and pandits at HavanYajnaand Pooja.

Leslie also teaches MudraVijnan, Meditation, Vibration in Shamanism, Chant, and Art – having successfully exhibited his own paintings in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and London. Leslie currently manages Heart Aloft publishing and Etherica (spirituality-based retail) in Manly.



Monday evenings, 7-9pm
18 June – 2 July 2018
Price: $125, or $108 early bird paid by 11 June