Join us at Manly Yoga for this one-day Yoga Nidra CPD workshop, which promises to be a stimulating and informative day that will inspire you to go deeper into Yoga Nidra and will enhance your teaching of this practice with your students.


In the context of a yoga class, Yoga Nidra is such a popular practice for two reasons.


Firstly, so many people live demanding, busy lives and are running on empty, craving the quality rest that Yoga Nidra provides. Secondly, many people don’t have the time or the discipline to train themselves in a formal seated meditation practice, yet they want and need the benefits of meditation.


This is where Yoga Nidra shines, because it does both: it provides deep physical, mental and emotional rest and it provides the benefits of meditation.


There’s more to Yoga Nidra than you may have experienced, during this session Alison Mactaggart (Mantradharma) will introduce you to the neuroscience and science of Yoga Nidra which make this practice so profound.

By attending this CPD workshop you will gain..

  • An understanding of the practice as a whole and each of the components
  • Knowledge of what’s happening in the brain as you proceed through each of the stages
  • An understanding of how the practice brings about change at a neurophysiological level that supports personal transformation.
  • Ideas to support students to extend their own practice


By attending you will also

  • Be reminded of how the practice influences the physical, mental and emotional dimensions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what the purpose of each stage is
  • Learn about findings from research that explain the benefits of Yoga Nidra
  • Connect with other passionate Yoga Nidra teachers and share your experiences


This session is open to anyone who teaches Yoga Nidra. There will be a focus on the 8 stage Satyananda system of this profound practice.


Join us for a day of inspiration, learning and connecting with your fellow teachers.


Yoga Australia CPD points: 4.5


Who will teach this session?

Alison MacTaggart (Mantradharma) is the Coordinator of Yoga Nidra Training at the Academy of Yoga Science© and has trained over 150 people who work in health, education and other disciplines to share the practices of Yoga Nidra and Basic breathing methods with their patients/clients/students.


She also delivers the lectures in Yoga Nidra to students of the Yogic Studies Diploma at Mangrove Yoga. She is passionate about sharing the joys of this transformational practice. Alison is an engaging and experienced facilitator and trainer.



More Details:

There’s what other students have to say about Alison.

“Learning the key components to Yoga Nidra, with Mantradharma was special as she has years of experience and confidence that allows her to share her passion and knowledge in a way that is inspiring and everlasting. She is funny and organised and the techniques that we take home have given me confidence to manage everyday challenges as a yoga teacher which brings a new found balance to work and enjoying the magical moments that is my life.” Chaitanyam -yoga teacher

“ This training has changed my life and the way I teach. I’ve been pregnant throughout the training and having the practice as a tool has literally got me thru the day. Not only energy levels but I have found deep rooted samskaras starting to shift, ones that have felt as permanent as concrete throughout the 10 years of my Yoga practice, changing. I’m so passionate about this tool that it has taken over my teaching. We all need this tool. I am so grateful to Mangrove Ashram for such a solid training that has supplied me with full confidence to share the magic of the practice”. Rhiannon Owen, Yoga Teacher.

Other previous attendees said…


“A short course to renew/refresh your YN skills and meet other professionals and share in their experience and contributions. This will enrich your own knowledge & skills.”


“The course deepened my understanding of YN and affirmed my current teaching abilities of YN. MD is a beautiful energy to be around, I appreciated her authenticity & fun nature.”


“Definitely one to be included to enhance your YN knowledge an application, being one of the most needed natural therapies in society today.”


“Excellent course, I always learn something new and gain a better understanding of the effects of YN. I feel it improves my approach to teaching.”