Yoga Psychology Seminars with Dr Swami Shankardev


We are honoured to welcome back renowned medical doctor, psychotherapist and Master of Yoga, Dr Swami Shankardev to Manly Yoga for two fascinating and practical Yoga Psychology Seminars.


Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to immerse in this life-changing knowledge and the techniques to make positive changes. You will experience practices that can change your sense of who you are and how you see your life.


We highly recommend that you attend both seminars to get the most out of this rare opportunity!


  • Why is it that yoga adepts are full of energy, glowing with vitality and blissful?
  • Do they ever get anxious and depressed?
  • If not, why?
  • What is their secret for psychological wellbeing in a fast changing and complex world?


During each seminar we will explore the answer to these questions through the study of yoga-tantra and yoga psychology, which illuminate the concepts and provide you with a complete theory and the techniques to gain physical and mental health, and enlightenment.


This information is essential in our modern world where we are seeing a dramatic increase in physical and mental disease.


Discover the essential elements of yoga philosophy and psychology


Both seminars will teach you how to combine yoga-tantra and Ayurveda (Indian traditional Medicine) with modern western psychology, plus the latest scientific research into mental illness and mental health. The sessions will cover the essential elements of yoga philosophy and psychology that can easily be adapted into a busy life.


This will enable you to create powerful and meaningful changes in any area of your life that needs healing and to achieve optimum physical and mental health and wellbeing.


Many of the techniques taught in these seminars are used extensively and very successfully in counselling and psychotherapy. Each seminar will unfold in meaningful ways in response to the needs of the group.



Seminar Two:

The Liberating Journey from Ego to Self – from Chaos to Order


Sound mental health depends on the development of an ego in the early stages of life as the basis for the journey to your authentic self, which occurs over the course of your whole life.


This session will introduce the 5 most important concepts of yoga psychology that empower you to make this journey towards psychological health and spiritual illumination.



You will learn:

  • The relationship between the ego/persona and consciousness/self
  • The shadow self, the dark, non-ego part of you that is mainly unconscious
  • How to bring the ego into conscious relationship with your higher (better) self
  • How to prevent any unconscious destructive patterns hidden in your shadow from taking control of your ego and wreaking havoc in your life
  • This knowledge will empower you to reduce anxiety, build mental strength and resilience, access your innate intelligence and creativity, and develop a luminous mind.
  • You will practice a meditation technique to embody this knowledge and develop greater self-awareness.


About Dr Swami Shankardev

Dr. Swami Shankardev is a western medical doctor and psychotherapist in private practice in Sydney, graduating in Medicine from Sydney University in 1977. He is a yoga Acharya (Master of Yoga), yoga therapist, author and teacher and has been teaching yoga since 1974.


He is the author of several books on yoga therapy for the Bihar School of Yoga. Dr Swami Shankardev’s work integrates western mind-body medicine and psychotherapy with eastern methods of mind-body development and awakening consciousness. In his medical practice and through Skype and telephone consultations he treats chronic physical and psychological diseases by combining western medicine with yoga, yoga-tantra, Ayurveda, and other systems of self-development.


His current interest is studying the combination of the ancient wisdom sciences with current cutting-edge biochemistry and gut health research.



Date: Saturday 26th October

Time: 12.00pm – 4.30pm

Cost: $130 Full price, $115 Early Bird paid by 19th October

CPD: 2 points


Seminar One – Managing the Ego

The first in this series of Yoga Psychology Seminars with Dr Swami Shankardev will be held on Saturday 7th September, for full details and bookings, please follow the link below.


Seminar One – Managing the Ego