Connect to the Goddess within – myths, magic and mystery.


Connect to your inner strength and wisdom, the power of nature and other like minded conscious women from within your community at our beautiful Spring Women’s Circle at Manly Yoga.

Radha and Martina are delighted to welcome you to the spiritual rebirth of Spring.


This is a time for renewal and new growth, as we connect with the part of ourselves ready to sprout and bloom into new cycles It is a time to celebrate what is awakening and blooming inside of us.


Traditionally, the mythical Goddesses Artemis and Persephone, young, wild, independent and adventurous, embody the spirit of youth, the excitement of new life, discoveries and joyful exploration of the mystery of life.


During our afternoon together you will hear stories, meditate, create and, if you’re moved to, share in the safety and loving support of our women’s circle.


By attending this event you will have the opportunity to:


  • Enjoy the beauty and power of sitting in sacred feminine circle.
  • Meditate and contemplate the inner experiences of the maiden goddesses and what they bring through you.
  • Learn about the goddess archetype and how that can have effect and play out through out your life
  • Be heard and share in an open hearted and safe way.
  • Enjoy a creativity
  • Meet like minded women in community



Date: Saturday 19 October

Time: 12 pm for 12.15 pm start – 3.30 pm

Price: $45 / $40 Early Bird paid by 12 October


Participants will leave knowing more about themselves, emotionally and mentally strengthened and connected to the rhythms and power of nature and the community of women around them.