Join Geeti & Gyanananda for a transformative, uplifting and creative celebration of Navaratri, with kirtan, conscious dance with live music, sound healing, chai and prasad.


This will be a great opportunity to come together as a community to sing, dance and connect on a soul level.


Navaratri Festival

Navaratri has been celebrated annually for centuries in India. This festival spans 9 days to help transform, nourish and cultivate the life-affirming qualities within ourselves, which include courage, love and creativity.


Literally meaning ‘nine nights,’ Navaratri coincides with the equinoxes. Indian sages, past and present, have said that it’s a particularly auspicious time for any spiritual practice (sadhana).


Traditionally the first 3 days help us cleanse and release what no longer serves us through connecting with the transformative energies of the Goddess, Durga. The next 3 days, dedicated to the Goddess, Laksmi, gives us an opportunity to experience our innate beauty, abundance and love.


An evening of celebration

Manly Yoga’s celebration on the 5th of October which coincides with the festival’s last 3 days, a celebration of the Goddess, Saraswati, an energy within us which is creative, flowing, expressive, insightful & harmonious.


The intention of this evening is to nourish and cultivate our creative and expressive spirit, both individually and collectively through the transformative power of kirtan, conscious dance and sound healing.


Geeti and Gyan are passionate about sharing music, mantra and movement to help open people’s hearts. They bring joyful, uplifting and meditative qualities to kirtan, dance and sound healing. We are also delighted to be joined on the evening by Mahavidya for musical support.


Kirtan, dance and sound healing.

Kirtan is a very accessible call and response group practice, combining potent Sanskrit vibrational sounds called mantra with melody and rhythm to help bring us into a relaxed, balanced and expansive state of being.


Kirtan can elevate our thoughts and emotions, boost our energy and expand our awareness. It can be practised by everyone, regardless of age or experience.


No musical experience is required, just come along to sing, share, move and receive.


The conscious movement and dance, led by Geeti, a gifted and experienced Soul Motion teacher, will offer the chance to release what no longer serves you and dance your way to free, embodied and creative expression. Taking you on a journey to awaken, vitalise and balance your life-force, and to connect and harmonise body, mind and soul.


The program will conclude with a sound bath will help to integrate, harmonise and nourish your energy and consciousness.


There will be vegan soup, chai and prasad (sweets) afterwards too!


About Geeti (soulmovesgeeti):

Geeti is a Sydney-based kirtanist, Nada Yoga teacher and a Soul Motion conscious movement and dance facilitator. Her passion & calling is to uplift, unify and transform our personal and collective energy and awareness through music, mantra and movement.


Geeti sings, plays harmonium, manjeera, tanpura, Indian drums and Hang. Her devotional and joyful heart shines through her music and voice, allowing people to let go and surrender to uninhibited expression, and be filled with deep nourishment.


Her Nada Yoga training with Heart of Sound founder Anandra George and Indian classical music training with Sudhanshu Sharma have informed the depth and subtlety of her music.


Geeti teaches regular Nada Yoga classes and workshops and is a core member of the Sydney Kirtan group Sound Samadhi which gathers monthly.


About Gyan (Gyanananda Jon Parry):

Gyanananda is a kirtanist, singer songwriter, sound healer and accredited yoga teacher in the Satyananda style who has found his dharma in combining his lifelong love of music with his yogic training in service of others to uplift and expand energy and consciousness.


He has recently relocated to Sydney to share his music and yoga more widely, as well as to develop new collaborations.


Gyan is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist who plays flute, guitar, piano, harmonium, harmonica, sitar, tabla, percussion and hand pan. His ecstatic and devotional style ranges from strong, rhythmic dynamism to tender, lyrical and ethereal soundscapes that helps create an environment for deep peace, soul connection and healing.


Gyan is also passionate about the practice of yoga nidra and offering it with music and mantra. He also facilitates asana, pranayama, meditation, nada yoga, mantra and havan in classes, workshops and retreats nationally.


For the past 8 years he has been immersed in the practice and study of yoga, helping to run yoga retreats and kirtans, and participating in ashram living and music-making in Australia and India.


Navaratri Kirtan and Dance

Date: Saturday 5 October
Time: 6:30 pm – 9 pm
Price: $55 / $45 Early Bird paid by 28 September