Do you have a yearning to understand what Yoga is really about or where it came from?

Are you looking to deepen your regular yoga practice with more progressive breathing and meditation practices?

Or perhaps, you want to know how you can incorporate yoga into your daily life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then these 2-hour yoga master classes at Manly Yoga with master teacher David Burgess may be exactly what you’re looking for.


Each two-hour master class will comprise:

  • One hour focusing on physical, energy and meditative practices
  • One hour dedicated to a Q&A discussion delving deeply into practical philosophy of yoga


The first hour of practice includes a few asana (postures) in order to prepare the body for pranayama (breathing practices) with the associated bandhas and mudras and kumbhakas, and concluding with a practice of dharana (concentration).


The second hour will cover a wide spectrum of classic yoga philosophy topics ranging from The Origins of Yoga, how it relates to Samkhya, Tantra, and Vedanta philosophies and also closely examining the subtle aspects of our practices.


It’s always a pleasure to welcome David to Manly Yoga. His unique teaching style is much loved and respected by his students and peers alike and involves a two-way dialogue. David freely shares his substantial knowledge of yogic philosophy, practice, psychology and lifestyle and he is often described as down-to-earth, accessible and humorous.


These two-hour master classes are ideal if you wish to:

  • Take your practice to a deeper layer
  • Develop your knowledge from one of the best teachers of authentic yoga
  • Move toward higher stages of pranayama and bandhas


Please note these Masterclasses are suitable for dedicated students and teachers of yoga who wish to deepen their experience and understanding of an integrated approach to classical yoga practice and philosophy.


Monthly sessions are planned over this year and while each is stand alone, those who can attend all sessions will gain the cumulative effects of the practices.


The discussion topic for July is Sanatan Culture

While the term Hinduism is commonly used to describe the theology subscribed to by the vast majority of Indians on the sub-continent, when you ask them themselves they would more likely say they follow the principles of Sanatan Culture.

Some of these peoples would describe themselves as theistic and others atheistic, some mono and some polytheistic and some pantheistic but what they all have in common is an understanding of Sanatan Culture which they would say has been eternally evolving. In particular David will discuss the concepts of the Purusharthas (a hierarchy of needs similar to those proposed by Maslow) and the four ashramas by which human lifespan is divided into four parts, suggesting specific priorities for each of those time-spans. When these two concepts are juxtaposed, clarity around our needs and priorities can be considered with a clearer perspective.

More Details:

Here’s what David’s students say about his teaching….


“David is an awesome teacher – he is exceptionally knowledgeable, serious, down-to-earth, funny and well… REAL. I’m so grateful! With his encouragement, I’ve learned to be content with where I’m at, while also holding on to my aspirations, being patient, diligent and persistent – all so important for learning meditation and pranayama.” Mandy Trueman


“David has a piercing authenticity about him. He inspires passion and a disciplined practice that has the ability to transform your life.” Christine Neufeld


David is a wonderful teacher. His down-to-earth attitude, compassion and sense of humour makes his teachings accessible, and his vast depth of knowledge on everything from the practices and their effects, to the subtle aspects of the monkey mind, means I always feel I am in safe hands.” Tessa Hoffman


David’s extensive experience and embodied wisdom impress me every time. He is incredibly profound, commanding, funny and realistic all at once – a true master. If you want to deepen your understanding of yoga on all levels, he is your man.” Alana Smith