Learn the foundations of going upside down with our new yoga inversions workshop! This 2-hour workshop will take you through an exciting journey of inversions and arm balances. Alex will provide you with the skills and confidence to either give it a go or build on your inversion practice.


Why inversions?


  1. Inversions defy gravity. By going upside down you reverse the blood flow in the body and improve circulation. The brain is flushed with more oxygen and blood, thus improving mental function; concentration, memory and processing abilities.
  2. Gravity pulls tissues, blood and other fluids in our body downwards. When you’re upright in order to return deoxygenated blood back to the heart, your heart has to work hard to pump this fluid upwards and against gravity. Inversions reverse the blood flow and it encourages venous return – the return of blood flow back to the heart… as a result your heart doesn’t have to work as hard.
  3. Increase immunity and prevent illness; the lymphatic system keeps the body health. Lymphatic fluid moves through the body picking up toxins and bacteria to be eliminated by the lymph nodes. Lymph moves as a result of muscles contractions and gravity, which means by going upside down it allows lymph to more move easily into the respiratory system where many of the toxins enter our body.
  4. You’ll feel energized! Heating inversions get the blood moving to the brain, resulting not only in physical invigoration but mental too.
  5. Relax… cooling inversions (shoulder stand and legs up the wall) calm the nervous system, activating the parasympathetic nervous system – our rest and digest mechanism.
  6. Improve balance.
  7. Increase core strength.
  8. Build confidence.
  9. Do something different – change from our normal, and often predictable, routine.
  10. It’s playful and lighthearted… so come and have some fun!



Who is this workshop recommended for?

It is suitable for all levels, however it is advised that you have some yoga experience of a least 2-3 months. It is recommended that you have some body awareness, an open mind, desire to try something new and have some fun.


It is not suitable for students who are pregnant, unmedicated blood pressure, neck injuries, eye issues (detached retina, glaucoma), some heart conditions, or recovering from wrist or shoulder surgery or injury. If you are recovering from an injury please discuss with your Doctor first and then contact the Centre to discuss.


What to expect?


We’ll start with a flowing sequence to warm the body, focusing particularly on core, hip, shoulder and back strength and flexibility. Our sequence will build towards crow pose (Bakasana), forearm balance and then handstand.


You’ll learn how to build up to these poses safely and build your confidence to trust yourself, not only in the workshop but as part of your own practice and to continue to progress after the workshop.


This smaller group workshop will provide a great opportunity for hands on adjustments and assistance. You’ll have the opportunity to gain insights into challenges that you may face, and a warm supportive environment to over come these challenges and go up side down with confidence.


Date: Sunday 5 August

Time: 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Cost: $45 / $40 Early Bird paid by 29 July