Manly Yoga has a momentum that is about authenticity and honouring the very real ups and downs of this life as we do our best navigating the calm and the storm. Love it!

Mindy Byrne

As a busy school Principal, Manly Yoga has relieved the issues pertaining to my physical well-being and I have learned how to approach life in a more balanced way.

Barbara Maxfield

Manly Yoga is a very special, relaxed and friendly sanctuary where I go to spend bit of “me time” so that I can bring myself into alignment before or after work.

Gary Drummond

The quality of yogic knowledge offered and the high caliber of teachers that command such devotion to this style of yoga and our yoga center.

Ilona Gracey

As an immigrant to Australia, Manly Yoga became my haven, my community, my spiritual home.

Asha Persson

Manly Yoga is an incredibly welcoming and accepting studio for all people of all shapes and sizes.

Bryan Kest