Sri believes there is something quite powerful that happens when yoga is practiced in silence, because it makes it possible to explore the parts of ourselves that otherwise pass unacknowledged and unobserved. In silence there is room for emotion and thought to evolve, opening doorways to self-understanding and for self-acceptance to be experienced. Silence makes it possible to calm our expectations of who we are in the world and tap into the deeper needs of our own life to nurture a greater understanding of self and to grow in contentment.

Sri completed Yogic Studies with the Academy of Yoga Science, Mangrove in 2010, the training instilled in her an understanding and experience of the multi-faceted aspects of yogic discipline – the 8-fold path of Raja Yoga; and yoga systems described in the Upanishads: Hatha Yoga – channelling the life force (prana), Jnana Yoga – illumined knowledge, Mantra Yoga – refining of the subtle mental and psychic bodies, Karma Yoga – awareness in action. Woven into the studies were teachings on yogic: lifestyle, seva, codes of conduct, history, ritual, psychology, and philosophy. The gift of journeying into yoga became a life changing and illuminating experience for Sri.

On completion of the yoga teacher training component, Sri taught yoga part-time in corporate environments for 5 years. In late 2015, after a career of full-time work in the city, the energies that sustained this purpose shifted and lead her to the study of Yoga Therapy. The Vyuha Model is studied and applied in therapeutic yoga to determine how to approach the return to balance of an individual by identifying symptoms and their possible cause, and collaborating with the client on a treatment plan based on Ayurveda principles and Yoga practices aimed at reducing suffering and promoting wellbeing.

Sri enjoys walking and running on local bush trails, practising yoga in nature, reading yogic texts, singing Kirtan and doing Seva – helping to prepare food, chai and coordinate Mantra Yoga community programs held at the Centre.