Shaila has trained extensively in yoga, both in Australia and India, and is also a qualified Pilates instructor. She has a Diploma in Yogic Studies, which involved two years of full-time study, as well as training under the guidance of yoga master Swami Niranjanan and a Saraswati at the Bihar School of Yoga, India, where she lived for 12 months in 2012.

Shaila enjoys teaching restorative forms of yoga, such as Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She also enjoys more dynamic Hatha practices to develop strength and power, as well as the precision and alignment of Pilates.Her style is authentic, supportive and holistic; with a standard class incorporating not only physical poses, but also breathing and meditation practices.

Shaila also offers nada (sound) yoga classes, in which participants are introduced to the musical/sound aspects of yoga in the form of mantra and chanting. A particular interest for Shaila is the more esoteric aspects of yoga, such as chakra awareness, yogic philosophy, ritual and mindfulness.

Shaila currently teaches at Manly Yoga and other locations in Sydney, whilst also offering specialised workshops and courses at various studios and retreats. For more information, please visit her Facebook page Daughter of Mountain or