Martina was born in Italy and moved to Australia to complete her studies in Environmental Science. When she joined the corporate world, she discovered yoga as a powerful way to relax, clear her mind and achieve a better balance in all aspects of her life.

But it wasn’t until she began her life-changing pregnancy yoga classes with Radha, at Manly Yoga, that she truly realised the full potential of yoga. The combination of meditative practices, breath control and powerful asanas became the compass of her life as a new mum; and led to the desire to share this way of life with her community.

She trained as a Vinyasa teacher and began teaching in 2011 on the Northern Beaches. Then in 2017, Martina joined the Manly Yoga team. She was honoured to be teaching at the very studio that sparked her long lasting love affair with yoga.

She considers herself an eternal student and is always eager to explore new paths in her endless journey along the path of yoga. Martina’s aim is to unite the ancient practices of the Satyananda spiritual tradition, with a deep knowledge of the dynamic aspects of the physical practice.