In 2013, Karen left a successful full-time career in marketing to pursue a more balanced life. She began practicing yoga and, what started as form of exercise, turned into a way of life for her. She soon began the two-year Yoga Studies diploma in Satyananda Yoga and has been a yoga practitioner now for over thirteen years.

Karen loves sharing the incredible teachings and philosophies of yoga that personally changed her life; not only impacting her health and wellbeing, but also her life decisions.

Karen’s style of teaching is authentic and draws from the traditional practices of Hatha Yoga and its philosophy. Karen teaches a very rounded class that leaves her students feeling nourished – physically, mentally, and emotionally. She focusses on her students and how they are responding to the yoga postures, to ensure the class meets the individual needs of each student. Karen’s classes are also influenced by the Iyengar and Yoga Synergy styles of yoga.

Karen now lives a much more balanced lifestyle, following Ayurvedic principals and yogic philosophy. She continues to work in a freelance capacity in marketing, but is able to balance this with her yoga teaching to create a way of life that nourishes her. Karen is a native Pommy, but has lived in Australia for the past 10 years. She loves to travel and immerse her senses in new places and cultures. Karen is passionate about sustainability and community, and sharing her love of yoga with her community of friends and students.