Julie has always wondered deeply about the nature of existence but it wasn’t until she was rocked by mental health issues that Yoga beckoned. In her first Yoga class, almost 20 years ago, she learnt not to compare herself with anyone else and to accept herself for who she was and where she was at. These life lessons proved invaluable and ultimately life-changing.

From there, Julie spent seven years apprenticing with an experienced Yoga teacher in Balmain, and completing the 3-year Diploma of Health (Yoga) at Naturecare College in Sydney. She then went on to become part of the Naturecare faculty. Julie has also completed a Diploma of Holistic Counselling, which beautifully supports the practice of Yoga.

Julie teaches an eclectic mix of Hatha Yoga. Her emphasis is on moving with the breath and allowing the breath to create the movement; inviting students to work at their edge while always respecting where they are at on any given day. Her classes are classical in design and her intention is to strike a balance between attention to the form and connection with the formless, in a supported environment of present moment awareness.