Gyan was first introduced to yoga in the early 1990s when a health practitioner handed him a cassette tape of yoga nidra relaxation practices to help him sleep during a stressful period of his life. He began doing classes regularly with Simon Borg-Olivier in the late 1990s.

In 2002 Gyan went to Mangrove for a meditation weekend workshop and became enamoured of the whole ashram experience. Gyan realised that many of the aspects of his life that had not been serving him had just effortlessly fallen away with regular yoga practice. Hence he decided to commence Yogic Studies at Mangrove to understand why yoga had been so beneficial for him. He completed the 3 year teacher program in 2007 and ended up immersing himself in ashram life for another 3 years, where he worked tirelessly on the farm, teaching courses and supervising projects.

Gyan has also stayed in the Rikhia and Mungher Satyananda ashrams, and he often attends the Kriya Yoga courses with Swami Janakananda in Sweden.

In 2011 Gyan moved into the old Manly Yoga centre at 27 Pittwater Road, where he taught and took care of the centre. Many would remember him sweeping the path daily and teaching students how to do nasal cleansing with neti pots off the edge of the verandah. Gyan continues to teach his holistic style of yoga at the new centre, where students can expect a range of asana, pranayama, yoga nidra and meditation practices in every class taught by an authentic and experienced yogi. His instruction style is down-to-earth and spacious, allowing students to connect with their physical and inner experience throughout the class.

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