Yoga has always been around in my life from an early age, I remember my mum practicing yoga in the loungeroom, in her kaftan with Swami Saraswati on TV, her Siamese cat and regal Afghan dog. But of course, I thought I knew better, and I spent years travelling the world running away from myself. In my 30’s I ended up at a 10-day Vipassana silent retreat, it planted a seed so deep within me that it took a few years for it to start to grow. Following this I became a Reiki Master.

After some big life changes in 2008 I completed my 1500-hour 2-year Yoga Hatha Diploma. Not long after completing my studies I stumbled across Yin Yoga, it really intrigued me that practices which appeared on the surface to be so simple had such depth and challenged the idea of how I was practicing yoga I knew I wanted to know more.

I attended workshops and Yin Yoga training with Mysan Sibdo. It really has been the elixir for me to balance out dynamic practices. I have been working at Manly Yoga and around the Northern beaches for around 9 years, teaching Hatha, Meditation, Yin and Beginners, courses, classes and workshops.

Yoga has slowly but surely enabled me to start to be the version of myself I always wanted to be. It has given me solid foundations incredible tools and practices. I like to think I teach with a big dose reality, compassion and empathy. Oh and of course some bad dad jokes along the way.

This is a journey and sometimes I get it wrong but thankfully through these amazing practices I will keep getting back on that horse and be on the Yoga Journey forever. I hope to be the 90-year-old lady doing headstands and the splits with my cats.