Amara has been practicing yoga and meditation for the past 40 years and has 34 years teaching experience. Her ongoing passion for learning, practising, and teaching yoga began in 1978 after attending her first yoga class in Tasmania. “It was like a deep internal adjustment, every layer of me being seemed to come into alignment”. From this class onwards, Amara intuitively knew she was to continue practicing yoga for her physical, mental and inner well-being and to focus on becoming a yoga teacher so others may also have the opportunity to benefit from these wonderful practices.

From 1979 through to 2000 Amara lived full time in yoga retreat and teaching centres. During this time she had the good fortune to study with many Yoga Archaryas (masters of yoga), both in Australia and India. Immersing herself in these yoga environments enabled her to also imbibe the philosophies of yoga and to gain a deep understanding of how the various practices of yoga can be taught with authenticity, creativity and practicality so to meet the needs of her students.

Amara weaves her body, mind and soul into all her classes. Her natural warmth and deep felt-sense of inner connection is a reflection of all her years of dedication to an ongoing practice and her heartfelt wish to support each and every student in all her classes.

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