Yoga Synergy is a flow style of yoga practice, that aims to teach yoga in a safe, fun and enjoyable way. Come and try Yoga Synergy – Flow or Slow Flow in Manly at one of our next Yoga Synergy classes.

Yoga Synergy is a dynamic moving style that links postures with breath. Each posture flows into another posture as students build the sequence from standing to floor postures, finishing with breathing and relaxation.

Each posture is taught with a simpler through to more challenging version, making Yoga Synergy suitable for yoga students of all abilities.


Yoga Synergy – Flow:

a more dynamic morning and daytime practice focusing on a flowing standing sequence of postures, leading into a seated practice to open and promote energy into key areas of the body, before focusing on deep relaxation. Feel energised, focused and calm for the rest of your day.


Yoga Synergy – Slow Flow:

a slower flowing standing practice leading into more restorative seated postures before relaxation. Perfect way to finish the day, move every part of the body before focusing on deep relaxation.


What is Yoga Synergy?

Yoga Synergy was established in 1984 by experienced yoga practitioners and physiotherapists, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss. This unique yoga style is based on a deep understanding of anatomy and physiology, modern medical science and traditional Hatha yoga.

Yoga Synergy is based around five sequences which are influenced by the five elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each of these sequences are tailored to nurture a person’s body and mind as it adapts to the changing seasons.

Every posture within these sequences has a simple and a more challenging version. All students, regardless of strength and flexibility, are encouraged to understand the simple versions of the postures before attempting the more complex versions.

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Who is Yoga Synergy Suitable For?

Yoga Synergy is safe and suitable for everyone, regardless of age, ability and fitness level. Even people with injuries, or little or no yoga experience, can practice Yoga Synergy. It also offers a strong challenge for people who are used to regular physical practice such as dancers, athletes and yoga practitioners.


What Happens in a Typical Class?

A Yoga Synergy class incorporates:

  • asanas (poses and postures);
  • vinyasa (dynamic exercises that combine movement with breath);
  • pranayama (breath control); and

During each class, students are encouraged to respond to their individual bodies in the present moment, and only practice postures in a way that is suitable for them. By working like this, each student is able to generate the appropriate energy for him or her, creating a balanced and beautiful meditative flow practice.


What Are the Benefits of Yoga Synergy?

Yoga Synergy helps to develop strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness, increase energy, and enhance the ability to deal with stress. Some of the other benefits of a regular Yoga Synergy practice are as follows.

  • The ability to practice postures that stretch, tone and strengthen the entire skeletal system, working the body’s frame as well as the internal organs, glands and nerves.
  • Greater body awareness, concentration and attention.
  • The ability to practice breathing exercises that refresh and cleanse the body and help to calm the mind.
  • Improved overall vitality and flexibility.
  • Enhanced immune system response.
  • Increased muscle and bone strength.
  • A greater capability for relaxation.

Manly Yoga is a nurturing and supportive yoga centre that welcomes yoga students of all ages and levels of experience. We would love you to join us at one of our next Yoga Synergy classes.

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