Are you suffering from stiff joints and sore muscles?

Do you find it difficult to move freely without pain or discomfort?

Do you find traditional yoga too straining on your body?

Then Yin Yoga could be the answer for you.


We offer Yin Yoga in Manly that truly allows the body and mind to open and be still. In Yin Yoga, postures are held for several minutes, enabling the connective tissue around a joint to stretch and release. During this time, the body is able to truly open and the mind is able to be still.


What is Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga is a passive practice, unlike more dynamic yoga practices. It targets the joints, ligaments, deep connective tissues and bones generally around the hips, pelvis and spine. Because postures are held for several minutes, the muscles are able to relax which allows the body to open up and the mind to settle and relax.

Even though Yin yoga is a more peaceful form of yoga, it is quite challenging as postures are held for longer periods. The postures can, however, be modified with props to create a more restorative experience.


Who is Yin Yoga suitable for?

Yin Yoga is particularly suitable for those seeking a deep opening of the joints, however, most people can benefit from the practice of Yin Yoga.Yin is also suitable for those yoga students who have a typically ‘Yangโ€™ practice with strong asana; or for those who do a lot of sport. These students findYin yoga brings balance, and enables them to release and let go.

We also live in a very Yang society with busy lives and always being on the go. A Yin practice can benefit here by helping bring stillness and balance.

Please note: people with very flexible joints may find Yin Yoga too loosening on their bodies and may require a more strengthening form of yoga.


Is Prior Yoga Experience Required?

Given the more challenging nature of the practice, some prior yoga experience is required. Because postures are held for longer periods, greater levels of focus are needed which comes with more regular yoga practice. It is also beneficial to have a good understanding of general yoga postures before practicing Yin Yoga.

For any beginners who would like to practice Yin Yoga, we offer a Level 1 Beginners Yoga course. Click here for more information.


What Happens in a Typical Class?

Classes start with a short seated meditation to bring balance to the body and the mind. Following this, the teacher guides the students through a number of Yin postures (asana) to gently open the body and bring stillness to the mind.

The classes finish with a Yoga Nidra meditation to integrate the practice and bring a state of calm and relaxation.

Within the Yin Yoga class, each of the postures can be adapted to make them suitable to everyone from beginners to advanced students.

What Are The Benefits of Yin Yoga?

Yin Yoga creates more openness in the body, increasing the range of movement in the joints and strengthening the bones and body. Yin creates a sense of lightness and calmness; and when paired with meditation and breathing practices it draws students inwards, creating space for the body and mind to be still.

Some of the other benefits of Yin Yoga are below.

  • Decreasing stress and tension in the body.
  • Increasing mobility in the body, especially the joints and hips.
  • Greater lubrication and flexibility in the joints and connective tissues.
  • A good release of the fascia throughout the body.
  • A supportivepractice when coming back from injury.
  • Calming and balancing to the mind and body.
  • Deeper levels of relaxation.

Manly Yoga is a nurturing and supportive yoga centre that welcomes yoga students of all ages and levels of experience. We would love to welcome you at one of our next Yin Yoga classes. Click here to view our weekly timetable or go to the MindBody app to book your next class

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