Manly Yoga offers a Mother and Baby Yoga Course in Manly to support new mums on their journey through parenthood.

The course creates a welcoming community of like-minded mums who want to relax and strengthen themselves, after the birth of their child, in a caring and nurturing environment.

We’d love to welcome you and your baby to this wonderful, nurturing course.


What is the Mother and Baby Yoga Course?

The Mother and Baby Yoga course is a four-week program designed to teach mums how to practice yoga and relaxation in a way that supports you through this new phase in your life. Each class will begin with a series of yoga postures (asana) to strengthen your body after pregnancy and birth. These postures can then be practiced at home to continue the strengthening process.

Each class will end with some relaxation practices, with your baby in your arms, to pave the way for you to deeply relax with your baby beyond the course. The course is ideal with bubs aged 6 weeks and onwards.

After each class, all the mums and bubs are welcome to come together for a cup of tea and share their mothering experiences in a supportive environment.


What You Can Expect From The Mother and Baby Course

During the course, you will learn the following.

  • Yoga postures to help rebuild pelvic floor muscles and develop internal abdominal strength.
  • Relaxation techniques so you can remain calm with your baby.
  • Gentle meditation and mindfulness techniques.
  • Techniques to help you remain centred and connect with your inner wisdom.

Each week there will be a particular area of focus and support, such as the following.

  • Life Change: Exploring current challenges and resources, and your new role in society.
  • Self-care: Nurturing yourself as a parent with diet, nutrition and lifestyle.
  • Relationships: Building supportive relationships with yourself and your partner/others.
  • Being present: Staying in the moment and learning to respond rather than react.
  • Boundaries: Finding them, knowing them and setting them.


The details of our next Mother and Baby Yoga Course can be found here.

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