Manly Yoga offers Japanese Yoga in Manly, this distinctive form or yoga changes with the seasons. Various postures are practiced that focus on a different part of the body in line with that particular season. In liking to Chinese acupuncture Japanese yoga focuses on different meridians of the body to help heal specific parts of the anatomy.


What is Japanese Yoga?

Based on the teachings of Masahiro Oki who was a Japanese monk who travelled extensively through China and as far as the Middle East. From his worldly and spiritual experiences with monks, saints and desert nomads he brought together what he had learned.


Japanese Yoga combines the practices of Indian Yoga, Chinese Yin-Yang, Japanese Zen Buddhism, Martial Arts, Oriental & Western Medicine, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts


Deeply rooted in the flow of nature, Japanese yoga changes every season to suit internal and external changes, both in your body and the surrounding environment.

This dynamic style of yoga is based on 5 element theory and meridian energy channels in which life force (prana, qi, ki, mana) run throughout our body and all of our organs. When this not flowing, dis-ease or illness prevails.

Whether this is of the body, mind or emotions we can apply appropriate diagnostic therapy and corrective movements, purifying & strengthening postures (asanas), self-massage, breath practice, sound, meditation, shiatsu massage… and laughter to create ease of flow of the life force…

Japanese yoga very specifically works with the 5 elements (like in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine) and their related organs and their functions.

There are Earth (spleen/stomach), Water (kidney/bladder), Wood (liver/gall bladder), Metal (lung/large intestine) and Fire (heart/small intestine/pericardium/triple heater)

Getting fresh blood and tone into these specific areas creates relaxation, joy, strength and a well-functioning version of YOU!

The increased flexibility of body & mind is a simple way to help you to fully embrace life…


Who is Japanese Yoga suitable for?

Japanese yoga is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced students.

What Happens in a Typical Class?

A Japanese Yoga class incorporates:

  • asanas (poses and postures);
  • pranayama (breath practices)
  • meditation.


What Are the Benefits of Japanese Yoga?

Japanese yoga is said to heal not only physical ailments but mental ones as well.

  • Improves mental clarity – excellent for relaxing body and mind and improving mental clarity.
  • Enhances flexibility & muscle tone
  • Releases mental & emotional tension