At Manly Yoga, our philosophy is that yoga isa practicethat everybody can enjoy. In keeping with this philosophy, we offer Hatha yoga in Manly that is suitable for students of all ages and abilities.

We teach a classical style of Hatha yoga with an emphasis on mindfulness and relaxation. Each of our classes consists of a combination of asana (postures), breathing, relaxation and meditation. Click here for more information about our unique approach to yoga.

We offer a style of yoga which works on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; and leaves our students feeling calm, centred and grounded.


What is Hatha Yoga?

Ha = sun and Tha= moon. Ha represents the masculine or ‘doing’ energy; and is governed by the left brain hemisphere and sympathetic nervous system. Tha represents the feminine or ‘being’ energy; and is governed by the right brain hemisphere and parasympathetic nervous system.

Hatha yoga harmonises and balances these two opposing forces to create physical and mental purity and balance. This harmonisation takes place through the combination of: asana (postures); pranayama (breathing);shatkarmas (cleansing techniques); mudra (hand or eye gestures and locks); and bandha (locks made with the body).

Traditionally, Hatha yoga consisted of six groups of techniques, however, it has been broadened considerably over time by incorporating techniques from other branches of yoga. Hatha Yoga is now a complete system of yoga in itself.

In order to purify the mind, it is necessary for the body as a whole to undergo a process of absolute purification. Hatha yoga is known as the science of purification. (Saraswati, M., 2001, p.6)


Who is Hatha Yoga suitable for?

Hatha yoga is suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced students.

We teach a variety of posture focusing on different parts of the body, and each of these can be modified to suit differing levels of ability.


Is Prior Yoga Experience Required?

Some prior yoga experience is recommended, especially for the Moderate and Dynamic Hatha Yoga classes.

For any beginners who would like to practice Hatha Yoga, we offer a Level 1 Beginners Yoga course. Click here for more information.


What Happens in a Typical Class?

Our classes are generally 90 minutes in duration, however, for those wanting a shorter yoga and meditation practice, we also offer 60 and 75 minute classes.

Depending on the length of class you attend, each class includesbetween 45 and 60 minutes of asana (postures); and between 15 and 30 minutes of combined breathwork (pranayama), Yoga Nidra (relaxation) and meditation.

Depending on the style of yoga you would like to practice, we have Gentle,Moderate and Dynamic classes available. Each of these classes offers slightly more challenging asana.

All our teachers are highly experienced and can guide you through any variations to postures, to ensure they are as gentle or dynamic as you need.

What Are The Benefits of Hatha Yoga?

The regular practice of Hatha Yoga has many benefits from strengthening the body to calming the mind. Here are a few more benefits of a regular Hatha yoga practice.

  • Improved balance and flexibility
  • Increased fitness and stamina
  • Greater ability to focus
  • Enhanced body awareness
  • Improved detoxification of the body
  • The removal of pranic (energetic) blockages


Manly Yoga is a nurturing and supportive yoga centre that welcomes yoga students of all ages and levels of experience. We would love to welcome you at one of our next Hatha Yoga classes. Click here to view our weekly timetable or go to the MindBody app to book your next class.


For more information about our yoga classes, or upcoming courses, phone us today on 02 9977 4725 or email