At Manly Yoga, we believe that a regular meditation practice can create greater peace, calm and wellbeing. Join us on the closest Friday to the New Moon for a 2-hour New Moon Yoga and Meditation workshop this month’s focus is:



“Learn practical ways of enhancing your practice in every day life.”

This 2-hour workshop is ideal for: anyone keen on learning more about the “mental yoga” that compliments the physical practice and can overflow into every aspect of your life.

In this 2 hour workshop you will:

  • Learn 9 specific mental attitudes to refine your yoga or meditation practice
  • Experience the deep calm that comes with group meditation
  • Practise gentle postures that feel good
  • Oxygenate your body and brain with yogic breathwork
  • Connect with others who are also interested in developing self awareness


As we practise yoga and meditation, we notice that shifts occur in our body, mind and emotions. What started as an experience limited to a weekly class, begins to overflow into our daily life. This overflowing into other aspects of our life has much to do with our perception and how we relate to all people and things in our life, and most importantly the quality of our awareness.


No doubt, yoga and meditation are powerful techniques for increasing awareness. However, you’ll find that awareness can also be nurtured through the development of specific attitudes both within the context of your practice and also in your daily life.


By shining a light on these specific attitudinal foundations of practice, you’ll be able to see underlying personal beliefs that may be creating an obstacle to further growth and healing. With the conscious cultivation of these specific attitudes you’ll be able to loosen the knots of underlying beliefs which no longer serve you.


To learn what these attitudes are and which ones will assist you in life and in your yoga and meditation practice, book a place in the upcoming new moon meditation workshop. Places are limited, so best to book now to avoid disappointment!