Join us at Manly Yoga and learn the origins of the ancient language of Sanskrit, in this fascinating two-hour introductory workshop  presented by Leslie Kingsley, Sanskrit mantra practitioner and enthusiast for over 45 years.

Sanskrit is considered the “mother of all languages” it is one of the oldest most ancient languages of India and Hinduism dating back as far as the second millennium.

In a yoga class environment, the words you hear the teacher say to describe a asana posture, an area of the body, or the words used in mantra are of Sanskrit origin.

In this fascinating evening workshop Lesley will introduce you to the origins and importance of Sanskrit. He will also explain the importance of correct pronunciation, in that each ‘sound’ has an energetic or phonetic significance.

Learning outcomes for this session:

  • Learn the origins and importance of Sanskrit
  • Understand the database of sounds that make up Sanskrit; and devanagari & Sanskrit transliteration.
  • Understand the importance of correct pronunciation and gain insight into the creative energies produced by correct pronunciation.
  • Possess the tools to correctly pronounce Sanskrit mantras and yogic terms.
  • Become acquainted with Sanskrit’s phonetic relationship to the vibratory nature of existence. In so, gaining an appreciation Sanskrit and mantra chanting has with regards to sonic theology (the connection to the “atma” the true Self through sound)

About Lesley Kingsley:

  • Leslie has had a regular Sanskrit mantra practice and passion for Sanskrit for over 45 years.
  • He has taught Sanskrit, Vedic mantra chanting, and introductory classes on the Vedas, Itihasas and Puranas.  He was president of a state wide Hindu organisation for 3 years and regularly chanted with swamis and pandits at Havan Yajna and Pooja.
  • Leslie also teaches Mudra Vijnan, Meditation, Vibration in Shamanism & Chant, and Art, – having successfully exhibited his own paintings in New York, Washington, Los Angeles and London.
  • Leslie currently manages Heart Aloft publishing and Etherica (spirituality-based retail) in Manly.