To support you as we move into the Autumn season, Manly Yoga has designed a Autumn morning yoga intensive series to bring your body-mind back into balance.


Morning intensives are a great way to boost your energy, become more present, and more relaxed.” says Gyan


It has been a glorious summer, and although at times it may have seem endless, the inevitable change of seasons is in the air.


Like the plants and animals, we’re affected by the change in seasons too. The changing weather comes with an energetic shift in the atmosphere, and cooler temperature affects our bodies and state of mind too.


In yoga’s sister science Ayurveda, Autumn is associated with the vata dosha. Vata dosha is comprised of the ether and air elements, which lend themselves to movement, transition and expansion. As essential as these elements are in our life, these elements and the Vata dosha within us can easily become unbalanced.


This is particularly so in the Autumn season when there is a surplus of the vata elements in the atmosphere.

In this morning intensive you will experience

  • Getting up and practising yoga each morning at the same time will help to stabilise the vata element.
  • Slow and steady sun salutations to increase the circulation of blood through the muscles and organs.
  • Standing poses, squats, twists and backbends to clear the lungs and maintain your core body heat.
  • Seated poses to activate and stabilise the lower part of the body which is ruled by vata.
  • Pranayama to balance the brain and the nervous system.
  • Meditation to be more present, grounded and relaxed.
  • Optional “Neti” cleansing practice.